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Another stunning Queensland winter’s day, another day packed with excitement exploring the markets, shops and beach.

If you asked us to declare what we love most about our neck of the woods, we’d undoubtedly say, with a smoothie in one hand and a basket in the other, that markets are definitely up there.
We headed off early before the sun started rising to an oldie but a goodie, Maroochydore market, which has everything you need, and plenty you don’t, but you want anyway. From fresh fruit and veg’s to plants and, of course, rainbow bagels, we love the no-frills vibe of this weekly gathering. 

After a little look we headed north to the southern tip of Mudjimba, North Shore Off-Leash Beach is arguably the Sunshine Coast’s wildest, most beautiful slice of paradise for dogs. It’s first time checking out this beach, and we were very impressed. Extending from the beach entrance 500m south of the Twin Waters patrolled area all the way to the Maroochy River, not only does it offer a vast expanse of fine white sand but standing sentry at the mouth of the river is the mysterious rocky outcrop Pincushion Island, which itself warrants a visit. 

In stark contrast to the built-up shores of Maroochydore on the other side of the river North Shore is something of an uninhabited wilderness, fringed by dunes and the sandy banks of the pristine river on one side and surf beach along the main stretch. Need to know, North Shore Off-leash Dog Beach can be reached by beach access paths from M64 south. 

Pincushion Island, a giant sandstone protuberance which is currently attached to the beach, has oddly spent much of its life as an island due to the ever-shifting mouth of the Maroochy River and is renowned for its spooky ability to change position. A fantastic exploratory spot for children, it’s climbable by a couple of paths, with a grass patch, banksia trees, ruins of stairs and viewing platform on top, vistas to be had in each direction and some fantastic rock pools to explore below.

We then jumped back in the car and headed north again to Pergian Beach so Kim sould get her shopping fix. Peregian Beach is a truely unique village full of quality speciality shops and unique cafes run by the proprietors. Local's and regular visitors greet shop staff by name and a great deal of trade includes a chat.

Pretty much everything a person may need can be found in one or more of the Shops in Peregian Beach Village. Why go elsewhere.


  1. We love it there too! We live at Coolum Beach and Stumers Creek on the northern edge of Coolum is a great dog beach also. Compared to Mudjimba at the Maroochy River mouth, Stumers is very social. Heaps of dogs and people all having fun. I love both places. :)

    1. We head to Stumers Creek all the time. We Rate Currumbin on top, followed by Southport, Nossa, Coolum then Mudjimba. For a full we love Inskip.

  2. I never knew this dog beach existed on the Sunshine Coast. I will definitely keep it in mind the next time we come to the Sunny Coast. Love your photos!

    1. Knew it existed by never ventured to it. It rates highly with us.

  3. Another place for my list. So far we've only taken el poocho to Currimundi. She likes the run but hates getting her dainty little paws wet.

  4. This place looks so beautiful! I have actually heard of it before but never knew what it looked like. I would definitely love to go here! This was a lovely post! I love that it has a dog beach, I should really take my pups here!

  5. I always love seaside.. very beautiful scenery.. I really need my vitamin sea!!!

  6. This is GREAT! I've got an Olde English Bulldogge who actually love to swim and adores the water. That would be like paradise for him :)

  7. Another place that i will add to my bucket lists is this Sunshine coast Queensland. I love seeing those beautiful beaches and views like this. It is truly impressive and awesome. It seems that you had a great day in this beach with your dog.

  8. I'm totally into these kinds of beaches! My choice is always secluded beaches for their serenity, where I can spend a romantic evening with my guy. Pincushion Island is interesting...

  9. Dogs are really natural at the beach. The place looks scenic and fun for a family outing with pets.








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