Saturday, 6 July 2019

Fashion Store Style Your Way Ferny Way

Style Your Way
Shop 6, 18-20 Ferny Way, Ferny Hills (1.18 mi)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4055

Australia prides itself on being a giving nation. But would you give unconditionally to a homeless person and be okay with not knowing what your money was spent on?  Haircuts, clean clothes, a warm dry place to store their things -- these are creature comforts many of us take for granted, but for those living rough on the streets, even the simplest things are a luxury they can only dream of. Kim is passionate about giving back to the community and is happy to put the word out there to promote a great shop called "Style Your Way".

Style Your Way is situated in Ferny Hills, a suburb 14 km north-west of central Brisbane, is on the upper reaches of the Cabbage Tree Creek and Kedron Brook. It adjoins Arana Hills, which in turn adjoins Everton Hills (moving downstream), and the three suburbs constitute the Hills District in the south of the former Pine Rivers Shire (now in Moreton Bay Regional Council).

Lee Martin is a Joining Hands Ambassador, and her aim is to create a sustainable business and support the health and wellbeing services to the local homeless young people without drawing on Government funds and grants so she will gratefully accept any good quality, pre-loved women and children's fashion delivered to the store.

Joining Hands provide a bridge for vulnerable and homeless young people to access health and wellness services, and live a life filled with health, joy and purpose. Joining Hands is leading a movement of GiveBack for social change, transforming the lives of homeless and vulnerable young people. When thousands of Individuals and Business join together to give, it adds up and creates great change in our world. Sessions they provide include; Haircuts, Nutrition, Trauma Informed Yoga, Dance, Massage, Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Fitness.

With your support, they have ‘gifted’ wellness services to homeless young people since they established the GiveBack Program in 2012.

If you have any unwanted Women’s and Children’s clothes sitting around at home, drop down and see Lee at Style Your Way - Shop 6, 18-20 Ferny Way, Ferny Hills 
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4055

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